Introducing a New Nurse At Lower Dauphin


Riana Agili-Shaban

     As the 2021-2022 school year begins, comes new school staff. This year, the Lower Dauphin High School has received a new school nurse, Mrs. Jessica Giampetro. 

     Giampetro decided to come to Lower Dauphin because her kids go to school in the district and it is close by. She has three kids that go to school in the Lower Dauphin School District including, an eight grader, a freshman, and a senior. Giampetro has worked as a substitute nurse at Lower Dauphin High School before, so she has got a bit of experience with the school. So far, her favorite moment this school year has been getting to know all of the staff members. When asked what challenges a school nurse may face, she expressed her concern with COVID-19, explained that it is a very busy contribution, and that having critical students may be difficult at times. She expressed that the aspect that stands out the most about the school is everyone’s positive attitude, and that she is looking forward to learning even more about the school. Along with that, she expressed her enjoyment with getting to work with Mrs. Smith this year. Giampetro isn’t involved in any school activities yet, but hopes to oversee a school activity in the future. Overall she has been adjusting very well and is excited for the school year!