Summer Plans

 Summer 2021 is approaching and many people don’t know where to go on their vacations.There are several locations which are popular vacation spots for people. Rehoboth Delaware and Ocean City Maryland are places which many people vacation at every year, there many attractions that people go to see. Along with multiple boardwalks and beaches there are also tons of well-known bayside restaurants such as the Bayside Skillet and Sedona on the bayside of Rt 1. Another popular place that people often vacation at is Wildwood New Jersey and Ocean city New Jersey, one of the main reasons that these are such popular vacation spots is because they are not a far distance from Pennsylvania. These are also places which are very easy to find places to stay and things to do. Some people do not travel out of the state for vacation but there are many things that people do in Pennsylvania such as hiking at places like Swatara State park in Lickdale PA. The White Cliffs Of Conoy in Elizabeth town PA and the 501 lookout in Bethel PA.