The Recent Boom in the Sports Card Industry


Ethan K.

For years, many kids would go to their local Target or Walmart and buy a pack of sports cards. For only around three dollars, they could get a pack of cards, searching for one of their favorite players.

But a lot has changed in just a few years.

With COVID-19 affecting the amount of cards Panini America and Topps can produce, the prices for basketball, football, and baseball cards have skyrocketed. Packs and boxes have been cleared off of shelves and if you walk into a Target or Walmart today, there is a very good chance that there isn’t a single pack left on a shelf.

In addition, many investors have realized the value and money that can be made from sports cards. Getting autographed and short-print (limited to only a certain amount of that card made) cards of star players can be extremely valuable, especially when the player has a good game or wins an award.

Recently, sports cards have become similar to stocks. You can buy “stock” in a player by buying lots of their cards, and then try to flip them for more money if they perform well. Similarly to stocks, if the player performs poorly or gets injured, the value of the cards greatly decrease, making it a poor investment. This is another aspect of the sports card industry that has made it more popular as of recent to those who want to invest, but in something not as money consuming as stocks.

For a chance to make a big profit, hop on the sports card train before it is too late.