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The Falcon Flash welcomes new staff member Carly Shaffer. Shaffer is a hardworking student set on both academic and extracurricular excellence. She hopes to make distinguished honor roll this year while maintaining other hobbies. Shaffer has been dancing since she was five years old. Since a friend recommended it 11 years ago, Shaffer has been working on many styles such as tap, hip-hop, and ballet. She currently dances for Hershey School of Dance. “When I first meet someone, I’m really shy…” she shares, “but once you get to know me, I’m really like a loudmouth and come out of my shell.” Having spent her life in the LD system, Shaffer appreciates her relationships and the friendly environment the school has to offer. She is interested in science and hopes for a career in meteorology or biology.

Carly Shaffer, Staff Reporter

Dec 07, 2018
Winter Meet the Falcons (Story)
Carly Shaffer