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Cassie Carver is a Lower Dauphin senior. Throughout her years at Lower Dauphin, she has won three P.R.I.D.E pins and a Spirit Award from the National American Miss Pageantry Magazine. She is involved in the National Art Honor Society and is on the executive board for Safe and Supportive Schools. She moved to the Lower Dauphin School District in the last week of her freshman year. “It’s been very interesting”, she replied to the question “How has your experience as a Lower Dauphin student been?” She explained how different her previous school was to Lower Dauphin. In Middle School, she attended her previous school, she was in theatre and had a friend group that was so close they were almost like family. Moving is never an easy task especially when switching schools and Carver can relate to that. However, she said “It’s been good here. I can’t really compare them.”
Her favorite years of high school has been freshman year because she did theatrical dance and her senior year because of her art and her ability to drive. Her favorite teacher was her drama teacher from her old school. She said he helped her break out of her shell from very shy to the lead of every play. She has had a very diverse language education. She took French and German in middle school, French in ninth grade and German in tenth grade. She loves the way French rolls off the tongue, and how understanding the German teachers are. She also loves that German is fun to learn; however, she is not learning a language currently. After high school, her aspiration is to go to college then write and illustrate her own children’s books.
Her favorite music to listen to is the “Ratatouille” and “Pride and Prejudice” soundtrack. She has one sibling named Calvin who is a freshman at Lower Dauphin. When asked who inspires her the most she said, “I would have to say musically I am most challenged by Beethoven.” She also is inspired by Beatrix Potter, an English writer, and illustrator, who never said no or backed down and she became famous for it. Carver causes a big impact within Falcon Flash. She has been in Falcon Flash previously and is a very talented writer.

Cassie C., Staff Reporter