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2018-2019 Staff

Nessa Foster

Staff Reporter

Nessa also known as Nessie by some close friends is a sophomore who enjoys science above all her other...

Lizzie Sharp

Staff Reporter

  Lizzie Sharp is a junior, and a first year Falcon Flash member.  She was interested in the...

Tom Brand

Staff reporter

On September 10th, 2018 I interviewed Tom Brand. He is in eleventh grade and was born on September 9th, ...

Brooke Dresher

Staff Reporter

Brooke Dresher is currently beginning her fourth year as a participant in Falcon Flash as well as in h...

Carli Little

Staff Reporter

Senior, Carli Little, has been part of The Falcon Flash for four years now. “I like to write and I want ...

Isaac Fox

Staff Reporter

New to the Falcon Flash this year is junior Isaac Fox. Fox joined the school’s publication because...

Anna Given

Staff Reporter

Anna has been involved with the Falcon Flash for 3 years now, and she joined because she likes writing...

Annie Hahnlen

Staff Reporter

Annie Hahnlen is currently a junior and a first year member of the Falcon Flash. Hahnlen is quite passionate...

Carly Shaffer

Staff Reporter

The Falcon Flash welcomes new staff member Carly Shaffer. Shaffer is a hardworking student set on bo...