Erling Haaland breaks the Premier League’s single-season scoring record

Mikey M.

The 22-year-old Manchester City player Erling Haaland now holds the record for the most Premier League goals in a single season. 

The record-breaking goal would be scored by a through ball from English winger Jack Grealish for Haaland to chip the West Ham goalie and take Manchester City’s lead to 3-0.

The record would be broken during a game against opponent West Ham on May 4, 2023. Many could tell this would happen, as Haaland has been having a fantastic season, and continues to. He currently holds the record now with 35 goals in just 31 matches. The ex-record holders were Andrew Cole and Alan Shearer, who had scored 34 goals in their seasons. 

Cole and Shearer’s record was with 34 goals in a total of 42 games each, as that was the amount of regular season games in the Premier League then. Haaland has already broken their record in just 31 matches. It is obvious that the Norwegian striker will do many great things, as he has already achieved the record, with 11 less games than the other two players.

Haaland still has another seven games to see how many goals he can score, and to see if he can help keep his team at the top of the league.