Alabama Basketball’s intertwining controversy

Current Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats

Wikimedia Commons/ Sneakindeacon

Current Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats


For years The University of Alabama has been known as a football school.

In the 2022-2023 basketball season the narrative has been changed, as the team is ranked second in the AP top 25.

Earlier in the season Darius Miles, a former UA basketball player, was arrested on a murder charge. In court the forward was found guilty of the charge and sentenced to prison. 

During the ongoing investigation police were alerted of a former teammate of Miles, and current Alabama basketball star, being involved in the murder. The police say that Brandon Miller had supplied Miles with the gun used in the murder of Jamea Harris.

After further investigation evidence has revealed that Miller truly had no part in the crime involving Miles. Statements by Miller show that he had given Miles a ride, and went by himself to another location. Text messages show that Miles then asked Miller to bring him his possessions that he had left in Miller’s car, including the gun. 

While Miller had supplied Miles with the gun used in the killing, Miller had zero idea of the use. He had rightfully given Miles his gun without knowing a violent use of it was to come.

More controversy has sparked from Alabama’s head coach, Nate Oats. While still in the case Miller was set to suit up for Alabama’s upcoming game. While the accusations were still surrounding him, Miller had his pregame handshake to imitate a “frisk” done by police to search for weapons. 

When asked about this action Oats said he had zero idea it was happening. He claims that he never pays attention to the handshakes and it will not happen again.