Melanie Martinez announces third studio album


Atlantic Records

Melanie Martinez transformed into an eerie creature for her new album.

Carly S.

On Wednesday, February 22nd, pop singer Melanie Martinez took to social media to announce her third studio album, “Portals,” to the public.

Martinez is most recognized for her debut album, “Cry Baby,” which made its debut on August 14th, 2015. The album’s theme revolves around an alter-ego child version of Martinez, with each song featuring elements such as childhood games and nursery rhymes.

Just over four years later on September 6th, 2019, Martinez released her second studio album, “K-12.” Like “Cry Baby,” this album had a consistent theme. Going along with the childlike persona, “K-12” is primarily based on school, containing song titles like “Detention” and “Nurse’s Office.”

Based on past album releases, it appears that Martinez is following a pattern of dropping an album approximately once every four years.

In regards to her latest album, Martinez completely transformed her social media accounts by archiving her old posts and essentially revamping her profiles to match the theme of “Portals.” Starting on Saturday, February 18th, Martinez began to release daily teasers building up to the official announcement.

The first teaser consisted of a gigantic mushroom with the words “RIP CRYBABY” carved into its stem, symbolizing the end of Martinez’s “Cry Baby” era. The second teaser showed a growing nucleus and was captioned “the nucleus of creation.” The third teaser featured the embryo of an unusual-looking creature with four eyes and bright pink skin. To top it all off, the fourth and final teaser focused on an egg during its incubation period.

After each teaser was released to the public, Martinez finally announced the title of the album along with the album cover.

“Portals” will make its debut on March 31st and will be available on all streaming platforms.