Top 10 college football jersey and helmet combinations


Throughout the recent years the college football scene has had some fan favorite jerseys.

  1. Navy 175 years jerseys

These jerseys were a collaboration between Under Armour and the Navy, representing the 175 years of the Navy. The jersey features blue and gold on a white base jersey, and a blue and gold helmet.

  1. Boston College red bandana jerseys

BC wore these jerseys in their matchup against UMass to honor the late Welles Crowther, who died in 9/11. These jerseys are white with red accents, and a red bandana pattern in the numbers and names. The helmets are gold with a red bandana stripe down the middle.

  1. Tulane 2020 blue jerseys

These blue Tulane jerseys were announced in 2020 for a Thursday night game. The jerseys and helmets are light blue in color, with the helmets featuring the Tulane logo. The jerseys stunt white numbers with a green and white stripe on the sleeve. 

  1. Oregon 2014 pink breast cancer awareness jerseys

Nike, The Kay Yow cancer foundation and Oregon football came together to make a jersey that would raise awareness for cancer. The gray helmet has the iconic Oregon logo on the back in a pink color. The jerseys are black with the classic feather shoulder pattern in gray, and pink numbers adding a pop of color. 

  1. UCLA 2021 home jerseys

In 2021, UCLA’s jerseys got a revamp with the Jordan brand. They feature a bright blue base gold number, and a gold stripe on each shoulder. The helmets feature the same gold color with a blue UCLA in script writing. 

  1. TCU 2021 white and purple jerseys

TCU unveiled these jerseys before their matchup against the Kansas State Wildcats. The white jerseys have a purple gray and white ring of spikes around the neck line, and purple numbers. The helmets are white as well featuring a white TCU logo and a purple stripe.

  1. Tennessee 2022 black jerseys

This past season Tennessee updated their black jerseys with a blacked out helmet. This helmet featured an orange Tennessee logo and the orange stripe. The jerseys continued the blackout theme with black logos and numbers. 

  1. Ohio State 2021 scarlett jerseys

In a Big 10 matchup against Penn State, OSU brought out color-rush scarlett uniforms. These uniforms were fully scarlet with the classic stripe on the sleeve. The team still wore the classic silver helmets the college is known for. 

  1. Ole Miss 2021 powder blue jerseys

In 2021, Ole Miss wore their powder blue jerseys twice. These jerseys were a fan favorite and are still talked about today. The jerseys are the classic powder blue with white numbers and two white stripes on the shoulder pads. The helmets featured a metallic red stripe through the middle and Ole Miss in script also in that red.

Honorable Mentions- 

Colorado State flag jerseys

Louisville black and red

UNC away jerseys

Navy fly navy jerseys

  1. TCU 2022 black and purple

Similar to the 2021 white TCU jerseys, fans love the black ones. These jerseys follow the same template as the white ones with the purple spike neckline this time with silver numbers outlined in purple. The helmets are all black with a silver outlined horned frog logo, TCU’s mascot.