University of Oregon


Andrew B.

The University of Oregon, which is located in Eugene, Oregon, is one of the biggest schools in the country. 


With nearly 80,000 students on campus, Oregon has one massive following. Out of state tuition is roughly $40,000 a year, but with some scholarships and financial help the cost of attending could be lowered. 93% of students are accepted into Oregon, meaning it is not a hard school to get into at all. It would most definitely help if your SAT score was between 1110 and 1330 or your ACT score was between 22 and 30. 


Oregon offers a ton of extra curricular activities, so you will not be bored outside of school. Oregon offers 18 varsity sports with track and field and football being the best at the school. Alongside sports Oregon offers many clubs. 


There are many cool things that Oregon brings. Oregon University is the only place you could find a Disney character as a mascot. For a while Donald Duck was the main mascot for the Ducks. Something else cool is that Phil Knight, Co-Founder of Nike, is an Alumni from Oregon.


 So if you are a big fan of Nike, Oregon may be the place for you.