The Top 5 Players Snubbed from the NBA All-Star Game

Anthony Edwards jogs down the basketball court

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Anthony Edwards jogs down the basketball court

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The NBA All-Stars from the 2022-23 season were named recently, and while all players selected to the list are extremely worthy selections, there are doubtlessly more who deserved to make the twenty four-man group. Here are my thoughts on the most deserving players who should have been a part of those twenty-four.

1. Anthony Edwards (G, Minnesota Timberwolves)

There were many questions entering this season surrounding Edwards, a former #1 overall pick, and the T-Wolves about what their next step would be after a stunning offseason trade that gutted their depth. Well, although Minnesota is having a supremely disappointing year so far, the same is definitely not true about Edwards. The young stud is in the midst of a great leap, as he is averaging career highs in nearly every single box score stat and upping his efficiency even while having defenses key in on him as the main (and at times only) offensive threat on the floor. Even though voters somehow didn’t reward his growth with an All-Star appearance, Minnesota is surely happy with his season so far.

2. James Harden (G, Philadelphia 76ers)

Although his teammate Joel Embiid is an MVP candidate and arguably the best player in the NBA, it is easy to make the case that Harden is actually the engine that has powered the 76ers to their 33-17 record. While his scoring average of 21.4 points per game (PPG) is far below what we are accustomed to seeing from him, his scoring efficiency, impact on the Philly offense, and a league-leading 11 assists per game (APG) should have been more than enough to keep his all-star status. The main gripe that voters had with him was his propensity to miss games, but players being selected such as Zion Williamson, who has missed 5 more than Harden, invalidates that argument.

3. Pascal Siakam (F, Toronto Raptors)

Despite Toronto falling well short of expectations, Siakam has continued to produce at levels that most other NBA players would be thrilled to play at. He ranks in the top 20 in both PPG and APG, and is leading his team with eight rebounds per game (RPG). Siakam is elite on both ends of the floor, though, as his stout wing defense and quick processing fuels a Raptors defense that has allowed the fewest shots in the league thus far. 

4. Devin Booker (G, Phoenix Suns)

Booker has always been one of the most gifted scorers to come into the NBA, and he’s having one of his best scoring seasons yet. The 6’5” shooting guard has been good for 27.1 PPG this year, the most of his career, while making 47.7% of his shots, and is the highest scoring player to miss the All-Star game this year. However, Booker is not just a bucket-getter. He gets 5.6 APG with only 2.4 turnovers, and his perimeter defense has helped the Suns concede only 111.8 points a night, good for the 5th best defense in the league.

5. Trae Young (G, Atlanta Hawks)

Young, as always, has been asked to shoulder a gigantic load this season for the Hawks. He is averaging 9.9 APG and 27 PPG, which is the eighth highest percentage any player has of his team’s points this year (per Although Young’s defense has been a weakness as always, his incredible job carrying Atlanta’s offense should not have been ignored.

(All stats provided courtesy of unless otherwise stated and are accurate as of 2/3/23)