Running for the kids


Ainsley Black

After Jingle Jam 5K

Mini THON held a 5K run Jingle Jam on December 17th. It was the first Jingle Jam in three years. At the Jingle Jam they had hot chocolate, Mini Thon merch, and different themed baskets to be bid on. The basket themes consisted of game night basket, movie night basket, skin care, smores, bath and body works. 

After everyone showed up and got signed in, the 5K run began. The 5K was held at the Conewago Township building.  Everyone ran around the field and all the money went to support Mini Thon. Mini Thon then takes the money and gives it to kids fighting with cancer. Mini Thon ensures that the kids and families never have to see a hospital bill. This fundraiser was very successful, and everyone seemed to have a good time.