Can the Eagles make it back to the Super Bowl?


Jalen Hurts getting ready to throw.

Evan W.

The Eagles last won the Super Bowl in 2017 under Doug Pederson and they have made the playoffs three times since then. But this Philadelphia team has a different feel to it than in years past. 

The Eagles were expected to be good this season, but they have gone above and beyond to kick off the year. If they can maintain their early-season success, their odds to make the Super Bowl will only go up, and bringing home the Lombardi Trophy will become closer to reality.

Philadelphia  has somewhat of an easy path to the Super Bowl, starting with the NFC East. They are clearly the best team in their division, even when Dak Prescott is healthy. The NFC is also a weaker conference this year, with many teams underperforming. 

The Eagles also have a great quarterback in Jalen Hurts, who has taken the next step in his third year in the league. Hurts is an MVP favorite, as his ability to throw and extend plays with his legs puts him above the rest.  

The Eagles are looking to win out in the rest of their games and only have one loss. They look to clinch the first round playoff bye in the coming weeks.

“Eagles will not make the super bowl, because Bosa and company will be too much for the Eagles to handle” – Ethan Kurtz

The Eagles will have a very easy road to the super bowl. Even when it comes to the playoff run. The NFC does not have many high powered outstanding teams. The Eagles easily make the Super Bowl but will fall short against a powerhouse AFC team.

“The Eagles will make the Super Bowl because of their ability to show up in big games, their depth, and inexperience from other NFC Teams. They have shown in prime time they can win, even though their only loss is in prime time. They have depth at many positions to highlight one is wide receiver, they have AJ Brown, Quez Watkins, Devonta Smith, and more. Even at Quarterback they have Jalen Hurts and Gardener Minshew. Finally, other teams in the NFC like the 49ers and Giants do not have the experience in playoffs with their quarterbacks which put them at a disadvantage when going against the eagles who nearly have a team full of veterans. Overall, that is why the Eagles will make the playoffs.” -Luke Mease