2022 Halloween costume trends

Photo by WGAL.

Photo by WGAL.

Carly S.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, new trends emerge every year. Many trends are derived from pop culture references such as television shows, movies and celebrities. Other costume trends are more traditional, having been popular for multiple years.

With the fun-filled holiday right around the corner, the statistics for the most searched costumes are already in. Here are the top five most commonly searched Halloween costumes this year, according to Google Trends.

5. Fairy

Although it doesn’t directly relate to any specific character, a fairy is an excellent costume idea! If you’re scrambling to put a last-minute costume together, this would be the perfect choice. It’s relatively simple and fun!

4. Stranger Things

It’s no surprise that Stranger Things costumes have made the list. After the massive success of the fourth season, which was released in May, we can expect to see hundreds of children and teenagers dressed as the show’s iconic characters.

3. Dinosaur

Although it may seem plain and simple, the dinosaur makes an amazing costume! Over the past few years, inflatable dinosaur costumes in particular have been a huge hit. There’s definitely a chance that they’ll make a comeback this year!

2. Spider-Man

The latest Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was released less than two months after last year’s Halloween, meaning fans didn’t get the opportunity to rely on it for their costumes. This year, however, brings the perfect opportunity for them to shine!

1. Witch

Naturally, the witch is destined to be the most popular costume this year. This is no surprise, as it’s basically the trademark symbol of Halloween. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the classics.

Which of these costumes do you think is going to be the most popular this Halloween? Do you think these statistics are accurate? Let us know!