Knowt: A free alternative to Quizlet


Carly S.

A few months ago, students across the country discovered something shocking when they logged on to Quizlet – they were being required to purchase a $32.00 yearly subscription in order to use it. This was extremely disappointing, as the platform had been a reliable study source for multiple years. Luckily, a new company called Knowt came in clutch.

What is Knowt?

Knowt is similar to Quizlet in that users can create their own study sets to use for upcoming tests and quizzes. However, it is unique in that it is one-hundred percent free to use, it instantly creates flashcards from your notes, and it allows you to study your flashcards using spaced repetition. It also provides students with the opportunity to share and browse notes with other users.

How are people discovering it?

After posting a TikTok on September 3rd that received more than 650,000 likes and 4,000,000 views, Knowt has attracted a bundle of new users. Many students were relieved to find out that there was a completely free website they could use for studying rather than being charged to use Quizlet.

Knowt is the perfect resource if you’re looking for a free alternative to Quizlet. It has all of the features you know and love in addition to unique features that make studying ten times easier!