Sage M.

Mini Thon is a fundraiser that our Lower Dauphin High School has been doing for many years now. Us as a school try to raise the most money possible and try to beat the record from the previous year. But how do we raise money and what goes on behind the scenes? Mini thon has different committees that are in charge of different things for that school year. They have captains on the different committees and then committee members. Throughout the year to raise money, Mini Thon has fundraisers that anyone can come to and donate. Mini Thon is really special and helps a lot of families with kids who are fighting for their lives.

What are the fundraisers leading up to? All the work and progress is leading up to the actual Mini Thon, which is an all night event with music, dancing and other activities where we count the grand total of how much money we raised. This whole thing and work that people put in, all goes to help people and is always worth it.