BeReal: The social media platform that took the Internet by storm


Carly S.

Gen Z is constantly stumbling upon new social media platforms that allow them to express themselves. Alexis Barreyat certainly kept self-expression in mind when she founded BeReal in late 2019. Currently ranked at number one in the App Store, BeReal is undoubtedly the hottest social networking app of 2022.

How does it work?

BeReal notifies its users once a day at a randomly selected time with a message saying “it’s time to BeReal.” Users are then given two minutes to post a photo of what they’re up to in that particular moment. BeReal uses the front and back cameras simultaneously so that it captures both the person taking the photo as well as their surroundings.

What is its purpose?

The sole purpose of BeReal is to promote authenticity. The majority of social media platforms are known for promoting unrealistic standards. The object of BeReal is to do the exact opposite. While some people’s BeReal notifications go off at seemingly perfect times, such as during concerts or parties, others are snapping photos of themselves lying in bed. It’s a fun and unique way to see what your friends are up to.

All in all, this platform has undoubtedly taken the Internet by storm. It is likely that Gen Z isn’t going to stop “being real” any time soon!