Early college football playoff predictions


Evan W.

  1. Alabama

When you hear the word College Football, you think Alabama. After falling short of the National Championship last year to their SEC rival, Georgia, Alabama is looking for redemption, and to add to their National Championship Trophy Collection. Alabama will be led by their outstanding sophomore quarterback, Bryce Young. I believe Alabama has one of the strongest teams in College. I think Alabama will win the College football championship in 2023.

      2. Georgia

After week 1 starts wrapping up, Georgia looked like the most outstanding team. Though they had a tough matchup against Oregon, Georgia’s returning QB Stenson Bennet, had an outstanding game and single handedly beat Oregon’s secondary. After winning the championship last season, Georgia has the firepower to make it again but will fall short of Alabama.

      3. Ohio State

Ohio State was a preseason favorite to go undefeated this season. After the first game against Notre Dame, I thought otherwise. Even Though Ohio State came out with the win, Notre Dame put up an unexpected fight. The spread was -17.5 for Ohio State, but Notre Dame kept it close only losing by 11 to a very strong OSU. I think OSU will make the first round of the playoffs but falls short of the Championship game for the second year in a row.

      4. USC

USC is not a team many people would have thought to make the playoffs. Although I think USC has the potential to have one of the best offensive duos in College Football. With two new transfers coming in, Caleb Williams and Jordan Addison, and a new coach Lincoln Riley, I think USC could be a team to watch that could sneak in the playoff but fall short in the first round.