2022-2023 School Year’s Fall Play: Puffs


Photo credits: https://cityhubsydney.com.au/2019/05/puffs-or-seven-increasingly-eventful-years-at-a-certain-school-of-magic-magic/

Emily O.

The play, Puffs, has been chosen for next school year’s fall play. Puffs is about a boy who finds out that he is a wizard and goes to school in England. While in school, the boy makes two best friends and goes on many adventures. The main character is named Wayne Hopkins and the plot probably sounds similar to Harry Potter. That is because it is a comedic retelling of the Harry Potter book Series by J.K Rowling, but it is told through the eyes of the, “Puffs.” In the books, the, “Puffs,” are the laughingstock of the school and placed lower than the other students. The Lower Dauphin students should have fun working on this play and performing it next school year.