Trending Hairstyles

Trending Hairstyles

Emily O.

Hairstyles are a popular part of fashion. Wearing your hair the same way every day is easy, but there are some simple and stylish hairstyles that people can try at home to add variety. There are different hairstyles for school and other casual events that don’t take long to learn. These styles include bubble braids, a braided ponytail, and using a claw clip.

Bubble braids are a simple hairstyle that is easy to try. All you need are some small hair ties and a hair brush to gather the hair. A bubble braid can be used after putting your hair in a ponytail or put in half of your hair. This simple style adds texture to your hair and makes it more interesting. 

Ponytails are a very simple style to do. Adding a braid into the ponytail makes the look more interesting and keeps the hair from moving into your face. Doing a basic braid is easy to learn after watching a YouTube video and won’t take long. You could also add french or dutch braids in the hair leading up to the pony tail. This is a harder style to learn, but it looks very cool. 

Claw clips are a large hair clip used to put hair back. Some people like to leave the hair hanging out of the clip, or you can tuck it in. The clip can also be used to put your hair half up-half down. This is a very fast way to put your hair back and add a colorful accessory to your look.

Hairstyles take some time to learn, but they can be fun to practice. Adding a cool hairstyle to a look can make it more interesting and fashionable. Be creative with hairstyles and watch YouTube videos to help work on making them look better.