10 Activities to Cure Your Boredom This Summer


Carly S.

With summer rapidly approaching, people are bound to feel bored during the days they don’t have anything planned. You may just find yourself digging for ideas on the internet, but chances are good that you’ve heard almost every idea the web has to offer. Here are ten unique, creative activities for you to try when you’re bored this summer.

Write a Movie Script

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own TV show or movie? Try writing a script! You can do this by yourself or with the help of your friends, and the possibilities are endless. You don’t need to have any prior experience in scriptwriting to do this activity. Searching for scripts from your favorite TV shows or movies is a great way to find inspiration.

Discover New Music

Is your playlist getting too repetitive? Spice it up by searching for new music! Check out trending songs or seek song recommendations from your peers and add the ones you enjoy to your playlist. You may just discover a new favorite song!

Try a New Recipe

There’s nothing wrong with expanding your palate. Spend some time trying different recipes and deciding which ones you enjoy. Not only can it be fun to experiment, but it’s even more fun when you are satisfied with the results!

Do a Photoshoot

Dress up, grab a friend or family member, and take some pictures! Photoshoots are a great way to pass the time, and they result in some pretty “Instagram-worthy” photos. Try finding different locations to take your pictures so you have a good variety.

Review Different Restaurants

You probably haven’t been to every restaurant in your area, so now is the time to go! Grab a friend or family member and rate the local restaurants you go to. Eventually, you’ll be able to decide which places you enjoyed and which places you weren’t satisfied with.

Have a “Rainbow Picnic”

Gather a group of friends and assign each of them a color of the rainbow. Have everyone bring food or drinks that match that color to the picnic. For instance, the person assigned the color red could bring strawberries and fruit punch.

Paint Portraits

Gather your friends, grab your art supplies, and paint portraits of one another! No artistic ability is needed — that’s what makes it fun! Once you finish your painting, you can give it to the person you painted. Even if it turns out horrendous, it’s still a humorous and entertaining experience.

Check out Local Shops

What better way is there to spend your day than exploring new places? There are many local stores and businesses that you’ve probably never heard of — now is the time to check them out!

Host a “PowerPoint Night”

Bring your friends or family together and have everyone create a PowerPoint presentation of their choice; preferably something funny that will entertain the audience. Once everyone has created their presentations, you can present them as you would in a classroom. Unlike school presentations, the environment is less serious and you have unlimited options for your topics.

Create New Outfit Combinations

Are you sick of wearing the same old clothes but don’t feel like purchasing new ones? Take the clothes you already have and try creating different outfit combinations!