Spring Nail Colors

Spring Nail Colors

Emily O.

Painting your nails is a fun activity, but choosing a color can be a tough decision. There are so many color options and endless combinations. There are certain colors that go with the seasons. Darker colors often go with fall and winter while lighter and brighter colors go with spring and summer. 

Pastel colors like purple, yellow and pink are nice options for spring. Hot pink and bright red are also popular. If you want to look tanner, bright pink and blue can help your skin tone stand out. If you don’t like bright or pastel colors, blue grays or greens are still spring colors, but darker.  French manicures are always a good option that can look more formal. Sometimes simple colors like white are better because they match any event.

Going to a nail salon can become expensive. Many people have learned to do their nails at home and save money. Painting nails yourself is not very expensive, but it takes practice. Once you get better at it there are more advanced styles and designs you can try. There are even kits to do acrylics or other nail types. However, going to the salon can be fun and relaxing for a change. 

Learning to paint nails can be a fun activity for when you are bored. Just make sure to pick a color that matches the season and your skin tone. Painting your nails to match the spring season makes it feel like spring and warm weather  is officially here.