Robot Umpires and Pitch Clock


Andrew B.

Robot Umpires and pitch clocks have been in question in the MLB for many years. Personally, I would agree with quite a few MLB players that it takes the human aspect out of the game. As an athlete and student of the game, human nature is what brings the game to life. Fans constantly love the excitement a huge ring up on a batter brings, better yet, when a player or manager gets ejected, the fans go wild. With a robot calling the game almost everything will be perfect and it will bring a lot more stress on pitchers to pinpoint their pitches. As a batter, many players will become more disciplined at the plate and it will draw a lot more walks. 

Next would be pitch clocks. Personally, I think they are unneeded. As a pitcher you shouldn’t be rushed to throw. Many have different wind ups and pre pitch routines. Therefore, if they are rushed, they would be more prone to injury and other not so good situations. Pitchers deal with enough controversy in today’s game with being searched for foreighn substances and how many pitches they get in between innings.  

MLB players deal with a lot of controversy and the addition of these two things are unnecessary for the game. The MLB is meant to be played by men, not robots.