Trending Glasses Styles

Trending Glasses Styles

Emily O.

Around 164 million people wear glasses in the United States. There are even people that choose to wear fake glasses because they like the way they look on their face. Three styles that are trending right now are cat eye glasses, clear glasses, and tortoise shell glasses.

Cat eye glasses have more of a point on the outer edge. This style stands out and is a great way to show personality. If you have a square-shaped face, cat eye glasses can highlight the shape of your face and create angles to look more flattering. 

Clear glasses frames are very popular right now. They can be used in a subtle look or dressed up. The clear frames match best with lighter shades of makeup and clothing. Normally, this color is used on an oversized frame rather than smaller frames.

Tortoise shell glasses are another style option for those that don’t like clear glasses. This pattern has a mixture of clear, tinted areas and darker areas. The most common color is brown, but now there are many other choices like pink and blue. The different color options allow people to pick a color that fits their skin tone and personality.

Choosing a glasses frame can be overwhelming, but it is a great way to show style and personality. Even if you don’t need to wear glasses, you can still purchase fake ones or blue light glasses. Different styles can look subtle on the face, or more bold depending on the look a person is going for.