Celebrities vs. Influencers – What’s the Difference?


Carly S.

Many individuals have the common misconception that celebrities and influencers are essentially the exact same. It’s no surprise that people get confused. As influencers rise in fame, it becomes more and more difficult to place them into a distinct category. However, there are a few differences that contrast them from one another.

Rise to Fame

Celebrities gain their stardom because of the success and talent they hold within their designated field. Most celebrities fall into one of three categories: athletes, musicians, and actors. Average people become fascinated by their abilities and decide to follow their social media accounts, which explains the massive amount of followers celebrities tend to have across their platforms. Influencers, on the other hand, typically start out as ordinary people who aren’t planning on entering any of the industries mentioned above. They usually gain followers after going viral on social media networks like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This unexpected online success allows them to create a career out of social media. Many people are drawn to influencers because they tend to be more relatable. They aren’t exactly associated with Hollywood, but they’re still well-known.


Many businesses have trouble choosing between celebrities and influencers when it comes to promoting their products. While celebrities are more well-known and usually have larger social media followings, influencers are more relatable, which can be extremely beneficial for advertising. When celebrities do advertisements, they tend to behave in a more professional manner. Their advertisements are usually filmed professionally in a studio, giving them a less personal and more promotional feel. Influencers, however, typically film their advertisements from the comfort of their own homes, using their cell phone rather than a professional video camera. This creates a relatable feel for consumers, as the advertisement appears more genuine and less staged.


Due to their smaller followings, it is much easier for influencers to interact with their followers by responding to comments and direct messages as well as commenting on their followers’ posts. This establishes a connection between the fans and the influencer, drawing more people towards them due to their friendly approach. Celebrities don’t usually interact with their followers due to their busy schedules and the fact that they get bombarded with comments and messages, so much so that it becomes overwhelming to respond to any of them.

To sum it all up, celebrities and influencers differ in the ways they earn their fame and supporters, promote brands and products, and interact with their fans. Even though influencers may have large followings on their social media accounts, they aren’t necessarily classified as celebrities.