How to Dress Professionally

How to Dress Professionally

Emily O.

Sometimes dressing up for a meeting or conference can be difficult. It is hard to pick what looks professional without over-dressing. There are ways to improve a wardrobe and add business pieces that still look nice. Tighter clothes look more professional than baggy clothes, tuck in shirts, make sure clothing fits properly and wear the right shoes. 

Sweatpants and other baggy clothes are not proper attire for a business meeting. Although people prefer to dress comfortably with sweatshirts, it is better to wear something else. It looks more professional to wear tight clothes like skirts and fitted shirts. Along with wearing tighter clothing, it must fit properly. Having pants that are too long or a shirt that is too short will look unprofessional. Business attire can be hemmed and fitted to different body types. With a longer shirt, leaving it untucked can look messy. By tucking in the shirt, the outfit will appear more put together and professional. 

To complete the business look, the shoes need to match the clothing. Wearing gym sneakers with a skirt or dress pants will not look right. Heels or flats are a good option. One tip is while wearing jeans, wear heels rather than flats because it looks more business-like. It is important to own a pair of dress shoes and they are easy to find in stores for men and women.

Looking professional for meetings and other events will help you be taken seriously. Make sure to dress for the occasion and wear the appropriate clothing. A business outfit must look put together and fit properly. You can’t forget the proper shoes or else it will take away from the professional look. Dressing up is easy as long as you find clothes that work and are comfortable to wear.