VSCO: A Less Toxic Social Media Platform


Carly S.

Many social media platforms are known to cause mental health issues due to the toxicity, cyberbullying, and comparison that takes place within them. Other social media platforms have the opposite effect – VSCO is one of them.

What is VSCO?

VSCO (Visual Supply Company) is a social media app that was founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in 2011. It was formerly known as VSCO Cam and it officially launched as a mobile app in 2012. Unlike platforms like Facebook and Instagram, VSCO is primarily used by teenagers and young adults. 

What is it Used For?

VSCO is used for editing photos with preset filters, effects, and other editing tools. Upon creating an account, users can upload their pictures to their gallery for others to see. This often creates an aesthetically pleasing collection of images that wouldn’t typically be posted on platforms like Instagram.

What makes it Unique?

While it does give users the ability to follow their friends, “favorite” certain images, and republish content they admire, it doesn’t offer likes, comments, or follower counts. This contrasts with almost every coexisting social media platform out there. Unlike other social media companies, VSCO doesn’t allow its users to view the number of likes on other posts. This can be quite beneficial in that it prevents insecurities caused by the number of likes received on a post. VSCO has also never had an option for commenting on other posts, so cyberbullying and negativity are practically nonexistent on the app. Though you have the opportunity to follow other VSCO users, you cannot see how many followers they have and vice versa. These aspects allow the VSCO community to focus on the artistic aspect of the platform and enjoy looking at other peoples’ galleries rather than stressing about followers, likes, and comments.

Overall, VSCO is an excellent social media platform for those seeking a less toxic way to express themselves on the internet. It allows you to focus on creativity rather than the number of likes and followers you have.