Silver vs. Gold Jewelry

Silver vs. Gold Jewelry

Emily O.

Sometimes it is hard to choose between silver and gold jewelry. They both look nice, but choosing which one looks best will depend on your skin tone. Some people have warm skin tones while others have a cooler skin tone. Another option besides silver and gold is rose gold jewelry which looks pink. Rose gold and gold jewelry tends to look better with warm skin tones while silver jewelry looks better with cooler skin tones. 

Gold is a more valuable metal and is actually more expensive than silver. The gold color will stand out more on tan skin and warmer tones. Rose gold also goes with warmer skin tones. However, people with pink or red undertones should avoid rose gold because it could make their skin appear more red. Silver jewelry is the opposite of gold and rose gold which is why it looks better for cooler skin tones. 

Want to know what color looks best on you? An easy way to figure out whether you have warm or cool undertones is by looking at your veins. Shine a flashlight on your veins and if they look greenish, you probably have a warmer skin tone, but if your veins look purple or blue, you have a cooler skin tone. Veins can also blend into your skin which means that your skin is neutral and in the middle of warm and cool. 

Many people are very strong about whether they prefer silver or gold jewelry. Finding which one looks best and compliments your skin will help you decide between buying silver or gold. Both are great options and rose gold is another fun choice that isn’t worn as often. Make sure to learn your skin’s undertones and see which color jewelry you should be wearing.