Celebrities that Greatly Influenced the Fashion Industry


Emily O.

There are many celebrities that post about their fashion choices and create trends on social media. Others try to replicate their style or base a new one off of it. Celebrities make unique fashion choices and influence others to do the same. Some famous fashion icons include the Kardashians, Emma Chamberlain, and Harry Styles.

The Kardashians are famous for posting about their life. They have greatly influenced fashion with their unique styles and even created their own fashion lines. A popular style that came from the Kardashians is bodycon clothing. This is a tighter fitting style that can come in many different things including shirts and dresses. Kim Kardashian created her own fashion line called SKIMS that features many tight fitting pieces. Khloe Kardashian also launched a fashion line that includes clothing, swimwear, and shoes. 

Emma Chamberlain is an influencer that is popular with teenagers. She is involved with several brand deals including one with a deal with Louis Vuitton, her own merch, and her own coffee brand. Chamberlain is known for making sweater vests famous as well as Dr. Martens. Teens enjoy looking at her fashion choices and many base their clothing off of her style. 

Harry Styles is another influencer that is popular with teens for his style. He has been featured on the cover of a Vogue magazine and worked with Gucci. Styles is famous for his fashion choices including wearing pearls and sparkly boots. He is not afraid to make a fashion statement and wear things different from the stereotype for men’s fashion. Styles has worn dresses before and other things not typically chosen for men. This makes his style unique and more popular. 


Celebrities influence the fashion industry greatly and without them, some trends would have never appeared. Although not everyone agrees with their unique style, fashion is different for everyone and people like to wear different things. Looking at different styles can help people find their own and celebrities help people design new looks.