Popular Prom Dress Styles

Popular Prom Dress Styles

Emily O.

Prom dress shopping is very exciting for most people, but it can be overwhelming. There are many styles and colors to choose from. There are many places to shop in stores, and more options online. The most popular prom dresses are normally tighter, some have sequins and are either neon colors or darker tones. 

Prom dresses with sequins are more popular because they make the dress stand out. Sequins make a dress shinier and more noticeable in a crowd of people. However, sequins aren’t for everyone and some people prefer a satin dress for a cleaner look. Sometimes sequins can be scratchy or annoying to wear, so it really depends on the person and the dress. 

A color that is always popular is hot pink. It is one of the brightest colors and definitely a bold option. Along with hot pink, other neon colors like orange are worn a lot. Darker tones like emerald green and navy blue are a nice option if someone doesn’t want something very bright. Different colors look better on different people, so not everyone wants the same color. 

Tighter prom dresses are popular because they fit a person’s body and many people like the way they look. Dresses that are tight at the top, but then flowy at the bottom are also a good option. There are many different styles for the top of a dress too. They can be strapless, one shoulder, or long sleeve. It is good to try on different styles and decide which one looks the best on you.

Many people end up wearing a similar style to prom and some people even have the same dress! Sometimes it is fun to try something different, but following the trends is nice too. Trying on a lot of styles and colors before deciding is good when looking for the perfect prom dress. It is also a great idea to set a budget when shopping because some dresses are very expensive!