The Weirdest TikTok Trends


Carly S.

TikTok, a popular video-creating platform, is credited for many of the internet trends seen across the nation. With that being said, it is also the source for some of the weirder, sometimes even dangerous social media trends and challenges. Here are five of the weirdest TikTok trends that took the internet by storm.

Eating Frozen Honey

With over 1.7 billion combined views, this oddly satisfying food trend quickly became an internet sensation. Users of all ages filled empty water bottles with honey and froze them until the honey developed into a unique, squishy-like texture. Once the honey reached their desired consistency, they squeezed it out of the water bottle and took a bite, all while filming themselves, of course.

TikTok users show off their frozen honey creations. — Photo by Distractify

The “Devious Lick” Challenge

In September 2021, this destructive trend became popular in secondary schools across the country. Students recorded themselves vandalizing school property as well as stealing essential items such as water fountains, bathroom stall doors, and even fire alarms from the building. This challenge quickly became a nationwide predicament as it caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the schools affected by it. Many schools had to close their bathrooms and put new disciplinary measures in place in order to shut this trend down. TikTok even removed the “devious lick” hashtags from their app to prevent users from accessing the videos.

Bathroom destroyed after students participated in the “devious lick” challenge. — Photo by Northeast Independent School District (NEISD)

Carpet Cleaning Videos

Popular amongst younger TikTok users, this trend involved purposely smearing slime, paint, cosmetics, and food products into their carpet and demonstrating how to remove the stain. Creators would pour water, hand soap, shaving cream, and other products onto the stain and explain how to scrub it out. Most of these tutorials failed, as these content creators were unable to remove the stains they created.

Young TikTok creators intentionally ruin their carpet for the sole purpose of filming cleaning tutorials. — Photo by Carly S.

The Apple Juice Trend

Why bite into a real apple when you can bite into a plastic apple juice container instead? This trend began after people claimed that biting into a Martinelli’s apple juice container produced the same sound as that of a real apple. This encouraged thousands of people to put this theory to the test, sparking a fun and harmless trend for apple juice lovers of all ages.

TikTok user biting into a container of Martinelli’s apple juice. — Photo by Totally the Bomb

Vampire Fangs

This Halloween-themed trend gained popularity in October 2020. Rather than taking the safe route by using cheap plastic fangs as a prop for their videos, TikTok users glued vampire fangs to their teeth using nail glue or even superglue. Dentists were quick to warn people about the dangers of this trend, such as the harm it did to the enamel.

TikTok users glue vampire fangs to their teeth. — Photo by Insider.

These are just a few examples of the absurd trends floating around social media nowadays. With TikTok still being extremely popular in the world of social media, there is no doubt that the future holds even more of these crazy trends.