A Bit About Borreli

Get to know LD’s new head football coach!


Leyna H. and Morgan S.

Borelli paces the sidelines versus Bishop McDevitt.

Peter O.

After a stint at Shippensburg, first-year head coach Joshua Borreli is excited to be back at his alma mater Lower Dauphin to coach the Falcons’ football team. 


One of the first things to know about Borreli is that he’s a sports guy through and through. “Sports kind of run my life, to be honest, whether that’s watching them, coaching them, or playing them,” says Borreli. As an alumnus and former player on the team, Borreli doesn’t take this job for granted, and took it to help make all of the current players’ experiences just as good and meaningful as his was. “Being a Falcon, you don’t get that opportunity a lot, like this, to lead the team.” He doesn’t do it alone though. A close knit staff and a special senior class are key to him to help make this season a special one. “This senior class has actually been great…they’ve really been engaged and grasped the concepts we’re trying to install, and they’ve been the driving force of trying to get everybody on board”. 


Borreli’s feeling encouraged by their first couple of games and practices together, and is extremely impressed with this team’s confidence and leadership so far. Wins over Mifflin County and Elizabethtown have shown his team’s camaraderie, integrity, and grit. A good running game and a solid defense are key aspects of those games that he is feeling very good about going into the rest of the season. Past that though, Borreli is very enthusiastic about the rising underclassmen and the culture he and his staff are building. “It’s fun being back, being a Falcon”.