School Highlights

Cailynn White

I have so many highlights that come to mind both inside and outside of school. I’m so thankful my mom made me get so many pictures so I could go back later in life to revisit all the memories I had.

 One of my first highlights that comes to mind is donating my hair. I donated my hair 5 times and in 2011, I was featured in the “Community Bulletin Board” and “The Patriot-News”. I was in first grade and I donated 12 inches of hair to “Locks of Love”. I even was awarded a certificate of appreciation from “Locks of Love”. I love looking back and seeing the cute pictures of me when I got my hair cut shorter. As a kid, seeing myself in the newspaper honestly made me think I was famous.

Another highlight that comes to mind while I was in elementary school is in 2011. We had a holiday concert and I got the opportunity to play the piano in front of everyone. I remember how nerve wracking but also fun it was to perform in front of people. I had been doing piano for a while and I was so happy when I was little to be playing a Christmas song nonetheless at a school concert. It was definitely different than playing at my piano recitals!

My third highlight was in 2014- my first track meet. The pictures of me sprinting and throwing are absolutely hilarious and priceless. I got a ribbon for participating (it’s rainbow and I love it), third place in the 75 and 200 meter dash, and first in the softball throw. I looked back on the videos and pictures my mom took of me at the meet. I can’t believe the faces I made when I was doing the races- they’re hilarious! I believe I remember some of the high schoolers that helped me. Then, when I was in high school, I got to help out with the new elementary track meet. I worked the concession stand and ran some small errands.

My last memory was in 5th grade. That was the year that I could never forget because I had a blast. The best part was when I thought about a future career in special education and I had talked to a teacher and the principal because I wanted to learn more about what it was like as a special education teacher. There was obviously no room in the day for me to give up so I could get the opportunity to learn and help teach others. So, I offered to give up my recess so I could spend time with the students and the teachers and help out. I got the chance to do just that and I learned so much from the experience. I had so much fun learning about the career and it was so worth giving up my recess for the amount of time that I did. I even got nominated by my 5th grade teacher through “Kohls” for a 10,000 scholarship. I did not win but it felt good to be recognized by others.