Lebeouf Loses it

Carli L.

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After an altercation this week famous actor Shia Lebeouf was arrested.. Lebeouf has been working on an art project with Nastja Sade Ronkko titled “He Will Not Divide Us”. The art project is an anti- Trump protest.The goal of the project is to live stream all kinds of people on the streets repeating the phrase “he will not divide us” during Trump’s time in office. A camera was mounted on the side of The Modern Museum of Art in New York city for the project. When one man went up to the camera and made remarks that were speculated to be part of a supremacist chant Lebeouf lost his cool. Lebeouf began screaming in the man’s face and the police were called as well as the fact that other alterations were made. After then getting into a brief debacle with a police officer he was issued a desk appearance ticket and asked to appear in court on April 4th. The camera is still up and live streaming and the intent is to keep it there until Trump is out of office.

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