Put Your Differences Aside

Carli L.

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Snowflakes are just like humans they are all unique in their own way. Every person is different no face nor any personality is identically the same. At times people turn to disgust and view other people’s differences as ways as to how they are superior.
When people let differences become barriers they tend to judge rather than try to understand. Instead of becoming cast aways on individualized islands we need to become visitors on each others islands viewing things from other people’s eyes.
I recently broke my ankle and needed crutches. For a period of time I was not allowed to put any weight on my ankle due to the threat of it getting worse and requiring surgery. When my family and I would go to places that required lots of walking I used a wheelchair. I didn’t see it as a problem it was less of a time nuisance and gave me a break from the crutches. Never did I truly estimate how people would treat me while in a wheelchair. I got lots and lots of stares. Since most people
Maybe if as a society we become willing to accept and try to learn of other people’s struggles instead of solely focusing on our own while judging others our world could be an overall more safe, inviting, and welcoming place.

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