Don’t Judge a Book By it’s Cover

Carli L.

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Imagine seeing a homeless child cold on the streets of New York. Some people would just walk by others would try to help. What if there was a little girl all alone on a busy street. Would what she was wearing affect whether or not she was helped. These are topics that have been focused on in multiple social experiments. Unfortunately though these are just social experiments situations like these happen daily and they aren’t social experiments.
Unicef a popular charity known for benefitting the well being of children and mothers puts on many social experiments. One of the experiments that Unicef conducted and documented on their YouTube page focuses on a six year old girl. In the duration of the video she is just standing alone on a busy sidewalk. For half the video she is seen looking “dirty” with what looks to be dirt (but is really makeup) on her skin and torn up baggy clothing. In this portion of the video people just walk by her and no one approaches the little girl. In the second half of the video the six year old girl is seen in a nice coat, dress, and tights with matching shoes. In this half of the video multiple adults approach her and try to help. The message shows appearance changes how we view others.
A social experiment was conducted on the streets of New York City by OckTV. The experiment was to see how passersby view homeless youth. There was a teenage boy who stood on a busy street in New York during winter in very cold conditions wearing only a t-shirt and pants holding a sign advertising that he was homeless. At one point the boy gets so cold he begins to lay on the sidewalk in a trash bag with his sign leaning against him. After being out in the cold for two hours the only person to offer help is another homeless man who gives the boy his jacket. When youth are in need should people keep walking by?
Both of the children in these experiments are loved and privileged. Children in every country deal with homelessness, abuse, and starvation. Shouldn’t everyone be granted help and not only those who appear put together?

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