Back to School Trends to Know

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Back to School Trends to Know

Carli L.

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Worrying about looks and books can be stressful but doesn’t have to be. Back to school trends can help stay organized, up to date,and stylish. Students really can have it all



Most students can’t go a class without checking their phone. Instead of using a smartphone as a distraction it can be used as an aid. There is a plethora of free apps useful in a learning in environment. Coffivity is an app designed to create soothing background noise that simulates being in a coffee house to help with studying. Forest is an app that tracks when the user leaves the app, the point is to grow a forest. The user has a tree and when the app is left the tree dies. Need room to write notes check out Evernote. Extracurriculars can make finding time for homework difficult My Study Life is a life organizer that helps to budget time. On the student computers the sticky note option can be useful for reminders, note taking, and more. The infamous Easybib  also comes in the form of an app so citing sources can be within a fingertip’s reach. Attention all seniors or anyone trying to plan ahead to college Scholly: scholarshipsearch is exactly what it sounds like an app that has lists of scholarships that can be applied for.

School Essentials


School is difficult without school supplies. Not all school supplies are the cookie-cutter notebooks and binders. Sometimes items such as headphones can become very useful in a school setting. Headphones prevent unwanted eavesdropping and come in handy when watching videos teachers assign and listening to music in the halls from class to class. Having a personal planner that has a fun print, color, or that has been decorated by the student can be motivating to write down reminders and upcoming homework. Reusable water bottles come in cute patterns, help to keep students awake and hydrated, and keep students from going to the water fountain as frequently.


Confidence is key in any situation and the right outfit can help boost anyone’s confidence. Strappy sandals, Adidas superstars and similar sneakers, knee high boots, and ankle height booties are popular shoe trends for the end of the 2016 year. Off the shoulder shirts and old-school logo tees are on the rise. Bomber jackets are perfect for fall weather and go over almost any shirt or dress. As far as bottoms go loose fitting boyfriend and mom jeans as well as denim skirts are on the rise.

Back to school trends are everywhere. Trends right now are comfy, edgy, and simple. Wanting to look cute or just stop get distracting try some of these trends out.

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