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High School Art Teachers Find New Ways To Create Unity Throughout School

Faith W

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There is no language without words.

Without people, there is no community. And there can’t be a community without unity. At Lower Dauphin High School, students have learned to share unity with rolls of yarn.

As a way to create unity, art teachers at Lower Dauphin High School re-created a “unity” project. This idea came to art teacher, Mrs. Dana Attivo, from a recent meeting which she attended. “The idea was originally from a woman in Virginia seeking a connection within her community.” Mrs. Attivo explains. The woman wanted her community to come together, clarifying that everyone has something in common. The project was brought to our community as a way of connecting or reconnecting with each other as a school, after a rough previous school year. Students can now feel apart of their surrounding school community. “We wanted you guys to feel unified and together.” said Attivo.

However, you may be wondering, why strings? By using string, participants can wrap them around “unity poles”, or identifiers. Identifiers can say different traits such as, “ My family’s continent of origin is Europe”, or “ I am new to this school district.” After several people have wrapped strings around the poles, a web effect is created.

This project is used as a way to bring students within their community closer together. Students who feel as if they are unwanted by their community or alone can now feel a sort of inspiration from the people around them with the project. They are reminded that everyone has something in common, that there is nothing wrong with self-confidence. After the project, every strand of yarn will be donated to a facility for making toys for cats.

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Lower Dauphin High School
High School Art Teachers Find New Ways To Create Unity Throughout School