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UH-OH! Slips, Trips, and Rips

Cassie C

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AHH! DON’T LOOK!! Did anyone see that? That was SO embarrassing. Accidents happen though, and first impressions are difficult. Hopefully nothing else will happen! Oops. Not again!!!

Lower Dauphin has a history of oopsies and slip ups and a few that may make you cringe or relive a moment similar to your own. Everyone has stories to tell, some embarrassing, others mortifying, but overtime they’re able to be told with a laugh and fill others with joy.

“NOTE! It is very important to pay attention to your locker number. SO I spent a good +5 minutes trying to get my locker open a bit ago, only to realize this was my locker from last year and I was in the wrong wing, let alone the wrong side of the building for my class was on the other side!” (Told by a junior at LD)

Be sure to pay attention to the wing number and the time! Here’s another good reason to be aware of your surroundings, and to watch where you’re going:

“First day of my freshman year, and I had to use the bathroom. So I excused myself from class and headed to the nearest bathroom. So I walked in and stopped dead in my tracks. Where were the stalls? Why are there guys? Then it hit me, I had just walked into the guys bathroom AND THERE WERE GUYS IN THERE! I was mortified!!” (Told by a sophomore at LD)

Well, I guess she learned to watch were she was going and to pay more attention to the signs in the halls rather than the music playing in her ear buds. From ear buds to busting at the seams, here’s our next entry:

“So it was my first time wearing my skinny jeans, and I was working on my group project out in the hall. (Not to mention my crush was there) I went to grab my pencil, it falls on the floor, I lean over to get it, and RRRIIIIIIIIIIPP. Oh no! My pants split exactly down the middle!! My hand flew to cover my behind as I quickly straitened up and hurried to my teacher to get a pass to the nurse so that I could change. After the incident I was left wearing THE UGLIEST windbreaker joggers for the rest of the day.” (Told by a sophomore at LD)

Out of the hallways and off to the hairdresser? This story will defiantly be a HIGHLIGHT.

“I was painting a pumpkin in art class when I felt a glob land in my light blonde hair and I froze. Someone had dropped a paint cup full of blue paint and it splattered 5 ft. in the air, and landed on top of my head. Several people then had to clean out my hair and although they tried their hardest, I had blue highlights for the rest of the day.” (Told by a junior at LD)

Still making a mess? Stained you’re favorite outfit? This one’s probably a little harder to get out:

“So I decided to borrow my older sister’s ADORABLE short white skirt and wear it to school. It was the week of finals in my freshman year of high school. The teachers stressed the fact that we COULD NOT leave the rooms during exams. During my first exam I had the feeling my “aunt Flo” came to visit. Between the exams I had no time to check for her arrival. During my second exam some of the cute popular boys sat in the back of the room. So I completed my second exam, and when I walked to the front to turn it in I spied my reflection in a tiny mirror in the corner of the classroom. And noticed a bright red spot on the beautiful white skirt. There was nothing I felt I could do but sit back in my seat. I desperately turned to my classmate and asked if she had any products. Her sharp comment was, “a little late for that.” As soon as the bell rang I ran to my locker and found my jacket and wrapped it around my waist to hide the growing red stain on my sister’s beautiful white skirt. When I got on the bus, I showed my brother, and he rolled over laughing. Once home I scrubbed the skirt clean, and once again my sister had a beautiful white skirt.” (Told by the mother of a junior at LD)

Maybe borrowing clothes is a bad idea. Even with the best intentions, some plans backfire anyways.

“I was in the third grade, and this cute blonde sat behind me and I REALLY wanted to talk to her. So lunch time rolls around, I’ve got my sandwich in my hand and I turn to talk to her, and my elbow knocks her lunch off her desk and onto the floor! Her eyes widen in shock as her lunch goes from perfectly set out on her desk to splattered on the floor. My face flushes and my eyes grow wide as I stutter a ‘sorry!’” (Told by the father of a junior at LD)


Everyone has embarrassing moments, these brave souls entered their stories to the Flash for your entertainment. For more stories like this and much more, stay updated on the Falcon Flash webpage!

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UH-OH! Slips, Trips, and Rips